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Group Leaders Page

Important Info For Youth Leaders

What do I need to do in preparation for Kairos this yearfaq[1]
  1. Register as a group leader – All young people will need to attend camp with a group leader. A group leader could be a youth worker, a parent, or member of the church. To register please complete the online form (Please note, only one free leader’s place is available for each group and it’s £25 if they want to be catered).
  2. Get your group excited for Kairos! If you’d like us to send you some flyers, more information or even visit your youth group to talk about Kairos then please contact us.
  3. Make sure you have all the paperwork for your group including consent forms for all young people. Please remember that you will be responsible for your young people while they are on site and so have all emergency contact and relevant medical information for each of the young people in your group.  We’ve provided the following Example Parental Consent Form as  resource for you which you might find helpful.  However, please check with your church/ group leaders as to the specific requirements under your own church/ group policy.
  4. Make sure you’ve read the Kairos – Group Leaders Responsibilities
  5. Complete and return your Kairos Safe Recruitment Form to the Kairos Office.
  6. Complete and return the Safety Sheet for Kairos to the Kairos Office.
  7. Finally dig out the camping gear and get excited for a great event!
  8. You can arrive on site from 1pm on Friday. 
  9. The event will finish by 1pm on Monday
What do young people need to bring?

Check out the Kairos kit list  for ideas of what they might need to bring.

Please make sure that young people are aware that anything they bring (i.e. phones, money, electronics etc) is at their own risk and is their responsibility during the weekend.

What about showers and toilets?

Not a portaloo in sight here! Hollybush campsite has proper indoor showers and toilets located in the main building. The main event hall and café are also located here, so there is always somewhere warm and dry we can escape to during the Great British summer.

Will there be food available on site?

There will be hot and cold food and drink available throughout the day 8am-11pm at the Kairos Café at very reasonable prices, although the café will be closed during the main meetings. Alternatively, some groups opt to cater for themselves, or just visit the café for certain meals. 

What if I buy a Catered Ticket for the weekend?

If you’ve purchased a Catered Ticket for Kairos, all main meals have been included in the ticket price and you can choose from a selection of meal deals available each day at the café.  We aim to provide a good selection of home cooked favourites for dinner each night, as well as the classics like burgers and chips.  Catered tickets won’t include things like chocolate, crisps and sweets etc, so while you can be happy the youth group won’t be dining on donuts for tea every night, you and the group might also want to bring a bit of cash for any extra sweets and snacks through the weekend.

How much money do we need to bring?

If you or your young people have a Catered Ticket for Kairos then all of your main meals will be included in the ticket price, but you might want to bring a little extra cash for sweets, drinks and snacks through the weekend. If you have opted for a non-catered ticket, you might want to bring money to spend at the Kairos Café which will be open all day 8am-11pm for hot and cold food and drinks. 

Are young people free go offsite on their own or with friends?

No, young people are the responsibility of their group leader at all times during the weekend. If for any reason they do need to go off site then this needs to be pre-approved with you as a group leader and the staff at Reception.

What if young people need to bring medication?

If young people need to take any medication while at Kairos then you should speak to parents/ guardians about the best way to look after this.  Kairos does have designated on-site first aiders and a camp nurse, but please remember that young people/ group leaders will be responsible for looking after any prescription medication.  If you have any questions please drop us a message.

Can young people come for the day/ the afternoon?

Yes; tickets are available just for the day or for certain sessions in the morning/ afternoon/ evening. 

Got a question we’ve not covered here?  Then contact us and we’d be happy to help.