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Safeguarding & Site Rules


The Directors are in sole charge of the event and are empowered to instruct campers/visitors to leave the site without refund if any site rules are deemed to have been broken or they consider any camper/visitor to be guilty of improper conduct.

Young people under the age of 18 are at all times the responsibility of the group/youth leader with whom they are attending the event.  This means that you will need to  have all emergency contact and relevant medical information for each of the young people in your group. Leaders should ensure they have fulfilled all the necessary requirements in line with their group/ church Safeguarding Policy, including obtaining consent forms for all young people.  We’ve provided the following Example Parental Consent Form as  resource for you which you might find helpful.  However, please check with your church/ group leaders as to the specific requirements under your own church/ group Safeguarding policy. Please see the Group Leaders page for more information.

If you have ever been charged with, cautioned or convicted in relation to any criminal offence relating to children or vulnerable adults, or you are at present the subject of a criminal investigations/pending prosecution, please make this clear at your time of booking and we will need to contact you to discuss this further.

Please click here to view the Kairos Safeguarding Policy .


Group Leader Responsibilities

Further important info about camp, site arrivals, rules and the responsibilities of group leaders can be found here: Kairos – Group Leaders Responsibilities 2017

Also available to down load is the group leaders’ Safety Sheet for Kairos.  Group leaders should bring two copies of this with them to camp.


Site Rules

As Kairos we want to honour our groups & staff by making the site as safe as possible. To achieve this we need some rules for while on site at Kairos. Please read them and try your best to achieve them. We don’t want to be saying good-bye to people before the end of the camp.

1) All participants are, at all times, the responsibility of the group/youth leader they came with.

2) Strictly no drugs or drug paraphernalia on site -­‐‑ except for medical purposes. Anyone found in possession of drugs will be evicted from the site and refused further entry to the event. Furthermore, all drug-­‐‑related incidents will be dealt with by Kairos Management Team and could be reported to the Police.

3) No alcohol allowed on site at all.

4) After arrival, all vehicles must be moved to the designated car parks in order to comply with official Fire and Safety regulations. The only cars allowed on site during Kairos are emergency vehicles or those displaying a valid disabled badge.

5) Wristbands/Badges must be worn at all times -­‐‑ they are the only way to get into venues. There is a charge to replace lost wristbands/Badges.

6) Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, marquees or individual tents. If you are going to smoke, please do it in the designated area (site & safety team can point you in the right direction)

7) If Girls are pink and Boys are blue, please no purpling? No mixed-­‐‑tent/caravan/accommodation on site unless married or family group.

8) Young people must not leave site unless their leader has given permission for this and informed reception.

9 No speeding. When arriving/leaving the site please observe the 5mph speed limit. Please also note that driving lessons are not permitted on site.

10) Pets are not allowed on site -­‐‑ except guide dogs (on arrival owners and their guide dogs should pop into reception).

11) No crossing into any area that has been marked out of bounds.

12) There are strict guidelines relating to the use of generators on site. Please ask for more information at reception if you are planning to use one.

13) Kairos does not operate any holiday insurance or cancellation scheme, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance broker if you require this cover. Kairos cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to persons or personal property.


A special note on sickness..

Before heading to the event:

Please make sure everyone in your group is well enough to attend. We know it can be really disappointing to miss out but sickness can spread rapidly on a campsite so PLEASE don’t bring anyone who is poorly. *
Refunds are available but you’ll need to provide a doctor’s note to support your request.

Sickness on site:

Please make sure you wash your hands often and ESPECIALLY after using the toilet and before eating. Consider carrying a bottle of antibacterial gel in case you have a sudden craving for chips and gravy. If anyone in your group falls ill* during the event then please keep them where they are, limit their contact with others and contact the First Aid Team.

* Diarrhea and/or vomiting and/or a temperature of 38’C or higher and/or other flu‐like symptoms.


Kairos reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions without prior notification.