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Kairos Prayer Warriors

We are looking for Prayer Warriors

During the weekend we will be having a virtual  24/7 prayer space for over 18-year-olds to be praying over the weekend.

For now would you please pray that youth groups will sign up to take part in the weekend and that word would spread?

Please stay tuned for an update.

Kairos’ Vision

Kairos means ’the right or opportune moment’ in Greek and is a Christian Youth Camp that grew out of the 24 years of the Harvest Camp.

Kairos aims to engage 11-18 year olds to help them find God and deepen their relationship with him through lively worship and relevant teaching, speakers and workshops. Kairos also sees the importance of fun activities that help build relationships and makes the camp memorable.

Kairos is overseen by a group of local Christians representing a range of denominations and organisations and the trustees of The Rose Education Foundation. We are all committed to working as one team so that Kairos be a place for:

  • Hearing and working with young people to create a camp that they want
  • A safe and extraordinary experience for all who attend
  • Meeting with God is worship
  • Hearing from God through excellent Bible teaching that is relevant and applied to everyday life
  • Sensing God’s presence as we pray together and interact with each other
  • Enjoying quality activities, workshops, seminars, sports and games
  • Coming as a group and growing as a group